Thursday, 29 July 2010

Think Creative DAY1

Hey, after getting lost 3 times on the way to Irvine today, I finally arrived at the studio.

It was good I really enjoyed being there around other designers and I got a project for the North Ayrshire City Council to do which are the images posted its an A5 booklet to make underage drinkers aware of the consequences of drinking, so its aimed towards 13-17.

I wont be in again until next week its sort of a part time placement since i have my part time job too, but i'm hoping to get to go down as much as I can, and as far as I know they would be quite ok with that.

I also got to see some of Cameron's work who is the creative director of Think Creative the stuff is so good, looking forward to working more with him.


Robbie said...

you might not want to send the image with "istockphoto" written on it to print stephen!

Stephen said...

Yeah I know that its just samples when theyre totally done we'll buy them this is just for examples to show lol i'm not that daft :P

Kara Sweenie said...

haha noway....i think it looks gooood stephen :) xx