Monday, 23 August 2010

iPhone retro :))

Got the iPhone 4 and the downloaded the hipstamatic app makes the pics look amazing get to switch the lense and flash and film to create loads of different styles of photograph and it's digital which is awesome !!!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Think Creative DAY 4

It was yesterday I was at Think Creative – I forgot to post when I got in.

Today was fun I had a meeting with the client for the Alcohol Booklet for North Ayrshire Council which was good there was some minor changes mostly in the grammer or wording which they sent but had decided didnt sound to good e.g. 'If you're out of your face' to 'If you're really drunk' lol they felt the first was giving a message they didnt want.

So after the meeting I finished the booklet which is now done! and waiting to print :D.

Then I done some design for Hibs Football Club just a few banners for their website to promote weddings in the stadium and private functions can be held there too, but that was something a little different and interesting.

Oh i've also finished the logo for Irvine Housing well the clients hasnt seen it yet so hopefully they will like it :)

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Think Creative DAY3

Hey today was my third day at the studio it was fun, I got good news that the booklet I had pitched was chosen by the clients to go ahead with only minor changes which is really good they said they usually get a good ammount of changes from the client, so that was a good start.

Now i'm finishing this booklet which i think it is done now, and i'm still working on the logo from before but there is no deadline for the logo as the client has just requested a re-vamp and isn't in much of a hurry.

Above are the things i've been working on, I'm looking forward to going down again, don't know when though, hopefully soon.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Think Creative DAY2

Hi, i'm updating with each day that I go to the studio since they are just whenever I can make it down there is a little gap since the last post but since then i had been working from home on the booklet for the North Ayrshire City Council and i've designed the majority of the booklet for a pitch to show the style throughout the book, so hopefully the commissioner will like it and I will get a green light to finish the book and correct anything to make it perfect for print.

But today I was working on a Logo for Irvine Housing, they want to keep it quite neutral to appeal to the wide market they have, so i just started and got working on it for about 3hours but it's not comin along that great at the moment, it's a start though.