Wednesday, 29 July 2009


So recently i've decided i'd like to re-design some of the stuff from through the year, and i just re-done my book jackets I have 2 new versions and one old version i'm gonna put 3 versions of the one book on the blog so people can look please let me know which one you prefer its for my website :)

Please comment :D

Monday, 27 July 2009


I've been neglecting my poor blog for a while now, I just havent really had anything to say this summer has been pretty boring, i've been trying to keep to designing just for fun so I don't get out of the habit.

I'm working in Amazon just now which i must say is the worst job i have ever had it's soooooo boring i dont know how the people who have worked there for 5 and 6 years can do it, no offense to them but im struggling just keeping the job for the summer. Not to worry though only 4 and a half weeks 'til i quit and head off to Egypt for 2 weeks
can't wait!

Other than that i've been looking through alot of design magazines, and decided to start an inspiration book, well i actually started one in Carlisle b4 uni ended but i got to 1 page, now i've filled half the book its actually quite fun (sad i know) but it has been a boring summer roll on September!

See you all soon :)