Tuesday, 28 April 2009


On+On Magazine is a magazine that is always switched on to the latest trends and things that are going on in Fashion, Graphics, Interior, Architecture and Lifestyle The target market is 20-30 same kind of audience as Dazed+Confused and Wallpaper.

The thinking for the story is, the theme is eternal and i was thinking about eternal life, love innocence, hope and youth, along those lines, so i wanted my photographs to look sort of angelic and a bit cloudy, I then decided from there i was going to focus on dreams and how dreams are eternal, like if you've lost someone they can live forever in your dreams, and your dreams and aspirations will also live forever, even if you get your dream you will think of a new one, therefore-eternal. I have used a shakespeare poem in this its about dreams and how we are nothing in perspective to the rest of the world and dreams will live on even when we don't.