Saturday, 15 May 2010

8 Down 1 to go

I've now finished 8 projects for my Major i'm quite pleased with all of them i think.

Art Direction
this is quite a large project I really enjoyed doing the shoot then editorial from it, thank you Nikki-Marie Turner, Samio Olawu & Anna Maria Lachowska

Empyreal House Hotel
Corporate Identity for a made up hotel done a fair amount of work for this project which i am also happy with done a set of guidelines too, which i always enjoy :P

Larch Cottage Nurseries
Another Identity for Nurseries, Restaurant and Art Gallery that had to tie in together in some way, this was good i enjoyed making the mark and experimenting with different typographic styles with this project.

Inverkip Hotel
This is for another Hotel obviously by the name this one is a live brief i didnt intend to do 2 identities for hotels this one just came up i'm not sure whats happening with it yet but ive done a website too not the whole lot but just a little preview.

Red Dot Site
This is a live project for a friend no more details right now :)

This is a packaging project for Robinsons 100% fruit juice its not live but i thought it would be fun, aimed towards kids as the fruit shoot alternative because fruit shoot is diluted in the bottle.

Boutique Chic
This is a live brief for a clothing shop in Greenock where i'm from i had to design a logo and stationary then do promotional material I've done and Art Direction to promote the shop. Thanks to Kerry Skilling, Nikki-Marie Turner & Lianne Donkersly

Dissertation Editorial
This is my editorial for my dissertation it would be published and given out as a supplement in the Guardian newspaper as a series of six booklets.

Original Fairytales
Grimm borthers fairytales to make a collectors edition, almost done printing on tuesday so i'll post when i get pics :)

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