Sunday, 7 March 2010

Corporate ID Stationary

Letterhead, Compliments Slip and Envelope for the hotel.

I'm not sure if its wrong for the body copy on the letter head to be in this typeface used but i wanted to give a classical elegant feel to the hotel hope you like it please let me know what you think of it there is any problems you notice.


Robbie said...

perhaps you could try setting the address and details in the script typeface and then use something more straightforward/legible for the copy. Also setting it all to be centred doesnt look so hot on that quantity of text. What do you reckon?

Stephen said...

Thanks for that yeah i do aggree i dont think the body copy looks that good but i really like the logo and address centered, but i tried it so the rest was justified left and the logo and address stayed centered and that didnt look to great either i guess i'll have to play about with it a bit more, thanks for the input :) I'll try what you suggested and post more soon :)