Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Major Stress!!

The second module is over. YAY!

Now on to the major i dont have a clue what briefs i want to do yet, i hope to do 2 Art Directions and some Packaging and Corporate Identity maybe try an illustration again–that was fun, but i'm looking through the briefs on the uni website and i don't really want to do any of them I've got 9 so far but thats just the best out of a bad bunch, i'm going to write 2 but i'm unsure which to do first and how long to give myself for each project, man this is stressful, not to mention the dissertation has only 4 weeks until deadline(roughly) :( and then thinking about work placements and then finally a job at the end (hopefully) who knows how long i will have to wait before i even get a job. When i come home do i want to stay at home for a while or get my own place?

So much things to think about not enough brain power left, as much as i love uni and graphic design I'm almost out of steam and ready to slow down i've been working like crazy over the last five months and i want a break, (I know there was Christmas) but we still had to think about all the work over that holiday.

Roll on July!
(then again maybe not)

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Kara Sweenie said...

total agree with u on everything u just ranted about ther :s !!!! :( xxx