Saturday, 12 December 2009

I'm so unsure!!!

I don't really know what im doing with the book covers anymore i have too many ideas for the composition of the cover im not sure what to do Help pleeeeeeez!!

The first set are exactly the same position with different colour and text

The second set are different each time you see the book the circle will go off the page in a different way but im not sure about the idea :(

The reason for the second idea is to give a bit more of something in the front cover to catch people and make them interested after someone said to me they thought the front cover's weren't very engaging, i'm quite worried about this project now i dont want my books to look like a textbook and i think thats the way its heading...

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Kara Sweenie said...

I think i prefer the first set...i think lol. im in the same position as u :( x