Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Rage Against the Machine Finals (so far)

Finished in time for the crit, the concept of this is to make people question so i didnt want to give too much information on the poster, which is why i haven't put in what type of energy the thing is using, eg, 240,000,000 Gallons... (gallons of what?) go to the website and find out :)

I wanted everyone to be involved in this billboard and want to know more which is why i've chosen to use a child as the character, because i feel everyone can relate to children, either having a child or knowing a child, but also having been a child.

Hope they go down well at the crit :P i'll keep it posted!


Pauline said...

theyre good stephen :)

a like the changes you made to them


Stephen said...

Thanks :) i'm happy with them now, crit tomorrow so we'll see what the lecturers think :)