Sunday, 9 November 2008

Corporate ID

I haven't had fun designing this I still think its crap to be completely honest but I don't have time to re-do anything now, I did like it maybe I'm just too used to it now and it's driving me mad lol

What I think Rhiannon will say..... There is some awkward white space, everything is kept in the middle I cant think of anything else but I'm so sure she will ;)

I have a few different ideas for this but I really don't like them that much.

Tell me what you think :) even if you think it's crap too!


Victor said...

Sweet blog mate, im sure you'll do fine with this corporate id, im still struggling for a logo, its starting to get slightly worrying now!

Stephen said...

Thanks lol.

Dont worry about yours in your own words....

"I'm sure it'll be fine" haha!